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About me

Staging is my favorite part of the whole home selling process. I love how the home seller and I make a team and work together. An MBA in marketing readied me for product (homes) placement, selling. But the Staging course from New York Institute of Art & Design readied me with the art of preparing the product and placing it in front of the target market.

I truly enjoy this process and love the transformations!

Staging Magic

Real estate staging is the art of presenting a home for sale. We call staging an art because it involves using your creative muscles to their fullest. That’s not to say that facts and figures don’t count in staging—they certainly do. But making an atmosphere, setting a stage, transforming a space into the best it can be is at its root, a creative endeavor. With the skills learned in this course, you will have the knowledge needed to enhance the appearance of a home and directly impact its sale.