Staging & real estate


We cannot tell the size of the room or the potential from the above picture


It turned out to be a gorgeous room when we edited everything out and added a generous couch and minimal style

The best techniques are usually simple and free

Declutter and Organize

It's a dead space and will be easily missed

With Staging; the same space becomes a part of daily routine. Grab your morning coffee and enjoy the view

Little Changes

Big Difference

Looks like a small space

Not so small now

Dark and uninviting

Bright and Inviting

Goal was to show off the $3000 wallpaper and the spacious room

Mission Accomplished

Small room for Living and Dining

Ideally the loveseat was to face the couch

The size of the room didn't allow for the couch and loveseat to be opposing. This set up wasn't ideal for traffic movement but came out great in pictures. 

Dark furniture and stuff brings the light down

Lighter furniture in color and decluttered

Decluttering and finding focus

Fireplace is the focal point

Dead Space

Changed the orientation of the dining table so the area has better coverage without blocking traffic


Cleaner and decluttered

Master Bedroom

Edited all the extra furniture

Master Bath

Decluttered and brought a live plant for freshness

Lots of space in the loft

Rug brought color

2nd Bedroom

Moved the headboard to the bed wall

Kid's room

Simply cleaned and added some art and a rug